How to add category on WordPress pages

Why do we need categories to pages

It is very simple to add category to pages using a simple plugin called category to pages. There may be multiple reasons why you would need to add categories to pages, below are some of the reasons:

  1. You want to differentiate each page using a specific category
  2. You want to show all the pages using a blog post block on visual composer(wp bakery)
  3. It is also easier to view pages of each categories on a single page


  1. Goto plugins and search for add category to pages by a.ankit, you can also download the plugin using If you do not know how to install and activate a plugin on wordpress, check out the tutorial How to install a plugin
  2. Click on install and to add category to pages
  3. Navigate to pages and there you have categories on pages as well.  category on pages


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