How to save contact form 7 data using contact form db

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Leads are your money-making machine. If a lead is lost money is lost. There should be a reliable way to track these leads through contact form 7. All the entries should be trackable and exportable into a CSV.

There’s a way to achieve all these above-mentioned scenarios’s using a simple plugin called contact form 7 db.

How to install contact form7 db plugin and use it

Goto Plugins -> Add New

Navigate to plugins -> add new. Search for contact form 7 db
Click install and activate
Click on contact forms-> contact forms
everybody who contacts your via the specific contact form will be captured on this contact form

You can test this by submitting information on contact form 7 and coming back to the contact form 7 db and validating if all the details are appearing as you have entered.

Details can also be exported using the export option. Export can be done in CSV format.

You can also download contact form 7 data plugin on WordPress using

To install a plugin please follow the tutorial

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