Review For A2 Web Hosting Company

Review For A2 Web Hosting Company

A2 Hosting is among the top-rated web hosts in the industry and has been in the market since the year 2001. It has been known to deliver some of the swiftest server speeds anyone has seen in a while.

With efficient customer support, it has so much to offer to its users. However, we will be taking an in-depth look into what A2 web hosting has to offer its users and prospective clients.

Before we delve into this review, it is imperative to note that, if you require a swift web hosting service that offers affordable pricing for its subscription,  A2 Hosting is your best bet.

Advantages Of Using A2 Hosting

Rated as one of the best hosting companies at our disposal, A2 Hosting has ideal speed, along with friendly customer service. Its security features are much, and even its refund policy has been referred to as liberal.

Nevertheless, it is vital to expatriate more on its numerous advantages. Some of its benefits include:

  • Speed

When you pay a visit to the website of A2 Hosting, you will find the various talks about its speed. Every one of its features has been created to ensure your site is fast. The name of its pricing plans is not left out as they are all linked to speed.

If you never knew, A2 Hosting is rated as the fastest shared hosting provider for many years. This is a vital feat in an era wherein websites lose their web visitors to competitors with faster loading times.

  • Efficient customer support

In the knowledge base of A2 Hosting, users are offered various articles when they are in the search for swift answers to some issues. However, if you will like to speak to a human instead, you can choose to do that via phone or utilize the ticket help.

Asides from its slow live chat, which some users have complained about, every other thing runs smoothly.

  • HackScan to keep the site secure

When it comes to online dealings, speed and security do not go hand in hand. This is because firewalls, scanning, or even layers of encryption tend to slow the users down.

However, A2 Hosting has successfully managed to utilize the speed of lightning and not drop its weight on security. Interestingly, A2 hosting servers are secured by HackScan.

For the uninitiated, it is a 24/7 tracking device that is used in scanning for malware and all other attacks. What better way to ensure that your website is safe than to take preventive measures before any attack breaks out.

A2 Hosting also makes use of a scalable data center. This means that users are protected if a DDoS attack occurs.

  • Site Migration

Although this is dependent on the plan you are subscribed to, A2 Hosting offers a free site migration. This web host will personally take on the job to move your website to its servers without any additional charge.

The only thing you will have to do is to contact the customer support department. You will be contacting them using your cPanel account credentials. However, the only catch involved has to do with the number of sites based on your purchases plan.

Furthermore, those using shared hosting on the swift, turbo, and lite plans will receive a distinct site move for free. However, those buying the dedicated reseller or the managed VPS hosting will get twenty-five free migrations.

  • Tools

A2 Hosting is fantastic for its provision of the content management system, website builders, and of course, developer-friendly tools. This web host works without any hassle with major CMS; content management systems.

With A2 Hosting, you are sure to install OpenCart, Joomla, Drupal, and even WordPress. All of these can be turn with the aid of a few clicks. Furthermore, this web host makes use of a website builder known as SiteBuilder.

The SiteBuilder is ideal when you need to customize the site all on your own without getting help from google. Additionally, all of the A2 hosting plans come attached with a Cloudflare CDN account. They manage the swiftness of your site.

Looking to buy A2 Web Hosting?

Try their lite plan for free for 1 month, if you are not satisfied. Money back guarantee – NO QUESTIONS ASKED.
  • Liberal Moneyback guarantee

Once upon a time, the A2 hosting refund guarantee was for the standard thirty days, similar to many other web hosts. Nevertheless, this refund policy was modified over the years to be liberal.

Currently, A2 Hosting provides what is referred to as anytime money-back guarantee. Note that, if you need a refund after one year, you will receive a protracted amount for the time remaining. This is the last two years of the deal you made.

Cons Of A2 Hosting

Every excellent package has its disadvantages lurking around the corner. A2 Hosting is not exempted from this as well. Some of its cons include:

  • Increased renewal rates

There is a little price break when it comes down to the long term plans of A2 Hosting. Whenever your first term expires, there will be a need for automatic renewal.

Now, instead of paying what you paid earlier, the price is doubled. The majority of the web hosts tend to pull similar stunts in one way or another.

This happens because, when users enjoy a service, they will most likely want to continue with it instead of moving their site.

Nevertheless, according to the A2 hosting terms and conditions, users will need to submit a cancellation request that was written fifteen days before the start of another renewal term. This must be done via their customer portal or email.

  • Cheap plans restrictions

Its most affordable shared hosting option, which is the lite, is priced at $2.96 monthly. This is roughly fifty-one percent off the regular price. While it is quite good, issues begin to arise when you compare the price with what you get.

The Lite plan only offers free SSL  unlimited storage, site migration, and the liberal money-back guarantee. These are not the most exceptional perks you will receive when you make use of the turbo plan.

With the turbo plan, you are offered a faster page load that is roughly twenty times faster than usual.

A2 Hosting Plans

A2 hosting plans are split into three pricing tiers for the Shared Hosting. They are:

  • Lite Plan

It begins at $2.96 per month. It comes packaged with five databases, free SSL, cPanel control access, and of course, unlimited bandwidth as well as storage.

  • Swift Plan

It begins at $3.70 per month. It comes packaged with unlimited websites, storage, transfers, SSL certificate, databases, and even a single site migration.

  • Turbo Plan

It begins at $7.03 per month. It comes packaged with all that you get with your swift plan. However, its speed is twenty times faster, and it has an A2 site accelerator.

Final Thoughts

The payment methods that A2 Hosting allows range from PayPal, credit card, bank transfer, and even Skrill. It is vital to note that its renewal rates are higher than its introductory period.

Even with its cons, A2 Hosting has been known to deliver top of the art speed over time. All of its shared plans come attached with a free SSL certificate as well as one free migration. Its uptime is excellent.

Looking to buy A2 Web Hosting?

Try their lite plan for free for 1 month, if you are not satisfied. Money back guarantee – NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

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