Review For HostGator Web Hosting Company

Review For HostGator Web Hosting Company

HostGator is a web hosting company that is based in Texas and has been in the industry for more than fifteen years. One vital thing to note is that HostGator provides a sturdy range of products that covers the primary hosting essentials.

As we follow up on this review, we will be analyzing some of the basic facts to learn about HostGator.

HostGator Hosting Essentials

It is vital to note that HostGator provides roughly three VPS server plans and about three base dedicated servers. However, they have limited configuration alternatives. Some of its  hosting essentials include:

  • Dedicated Servers

The dedicated servers of HostGator enable users to select either Windows or CentOS operating system. However, HostGator has roughly four VPS plans that are made available in Windows and Linux.

Furthermore, the dedicated servers allow users to choose about three extra drives, RAID support, and even additional RAM. Users can select from five different operating systems and diverse versions.

Note that products being offered by HostGator are more than capable of satisfying your every need.

  • Shared Hosting

From the start, the shared hosting from HostGator begins to deliver all that a user needs. The most affordable shared hosting plan, which is known as Hatchling, allows users to have unfettered disk space, FTP and email accounts, and even unlimited bandwidth.

The Hatchling is priced for $2.64 monthly on its three years plan. However, when it is renewed, users are to pay $6.95.

  • Application Hosting

HostGator provides WordPress hosting that is both simple and affordable. However, there are no high-end features attached. HostGator has made claims that its load times are 2.5 times faster, and its website performance is enhanced.

This enhancement is a result of its low-density servers, CDN, supercharged cloud architecture, and of course, diverse caching layers. Users are provided with free migration services.

They can make use of this service to transfer any existing WordPress site to a new account.

Signing Up On HostGator

To sign up for this fantastic web hosting provider, everything has been made easy for the user.

Even though most web hosts will force its users to work through different pages to purchase the littlest products, HostGator takes a different route. This route involves cramming every single thing that you need.

The things you need entails:

  • Account details
  • Selected billing method
  • Choice of a plan, and even;
  • Personal det7als which involves your name, address phone number, and email

With this, you will engage in lots of vertical scrolling, but it is a smart method either way. Users can easily see what they are getting involved with, the choices made available, and the consequences of each of these choices.

As you are signing up, you are presented with the forty-five days money-back guarantee being offered by HostGator. However, there are restrictions attached. Users are not fully covered for domain registration or the dedicated servers.

While you may have to wait for an activation email when dealing with other web hosts, HostGator activates everything by itself. When you sign up, you can as well install WordPress.

When you make your debut with HostGator,  users are shown two website creation options. These options are to either install WordPress or make use of a Weebly generated drag and drop website builder

Nonetheless, you are to select the option that signifies WordPress. Some times, you may be asked for a directory. It is optional. However, when you hit on next, you can input:

  1. Admin username
  2. First and last names
  3. Email address, and;
  4. Blog title

Once you make yet another click on the installation button, HostGator actively installs WordPress. Nevertheless, people believe that HostGator makes use of a stripped back method as its details are fundamental and short.

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Benefits of HostGator

Some of the fantastic benefits attached to this web host include:

  • It makes use of a website builder

HostGator makes use of a Weebly-based website builder, which provides an amazing drag and drop editor. More so, it can be used with your domain, plus there is a free SSL involved.

There are no restrictions on the amount of space that you can utilize. However, your hosting will need to be modified should the website be resource-intensive. The website builder does its job by making everything easy to set up.

If you are interested in having a competent and expert looking website without having any knowledge or experience in coding, HostGator is worth the test.

  • It makes use of different plans

Similar to all other web host services, HostGator has several paid plans for its users. Its  Starter plan is priced at a discounted rate of $3.24 monthly. All of the vital features that you will need to build your website are in it

As for its professional plan, its price begins from $5.99 monthly. And, it entails priority support just in case you need assistance from its customer support. Finally, its  E-commerce plan is priced at $9.22 regularly.

With the E-commerce plan, you will be provided with extra tools for creating your online store. It comes with features that are ideal for inventory management, tax calculator, shipping, and it even provides coupons.

  • Management of its site

The customer portal provided by HostGator is an online dashboard. This dashboard enables users to manage their accounts and take total control of their webspace. Note that the dashboard is text-heavy and has a stack of links.

Some users have commented on having issues with some of the links on the dashboard. The dashboard is rated as being convenient. You can make use of its control panel section.

And if you require some more links, the cPanel installation is not so far away. Its phpMyAdmin, FRP, Webalizer, and every other standard tool are ever ready. The portal works well enough after you find your way around it.

  • HostGator’s Performance

After thorough research was carried out on the performance of this web host, it was revealed that HostGator’s response times range from 216ms to 807ms. Plus, it has an average of 251ms.

Even though this is at the slow end of mid-range performances, you will surely not notice any issues whatsoever. During the research on its performance,  its response time chart was flat and not spiky.

What this means is that HostGator’s server and its network had some resources to spare.

Final Thoughts

On a general note, HostGator is short on the configurability of its high end dedicated and VPS plans. However, its shared hosting provides various features for an affordable price.

HostGator provides users with high-quality support that ensures every single thing operates smoothly. There is no risk involved as users have a forty-five days guarantee.

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