SiteGround Versus Hostgator: Best web hosting company

SiteGround Versus Hostgator: Best web hosting company

When it comes down to the online success of your business, choosing the correct web host for your marketing strategy is very important. However, most business owners do not consider this.

Using the wrong web host can have a dreadful consequence for your business. Some of the effects attached include:

Attacks and Security breaches

Security breaches can take place on your website if you have invested in a poor web hosting company. However, a good host company backs up data to a secure server in case of an attack.

Loss of revenue

Whenever your website goes offline because of a poor host company, customers will not be able to reach your site. This will result in a loss if you are an online store, as sales and business opportunities will be lost.

Negative SEO ranking

Your goal will be to rank very high in search engine results so that potential customers can be able to reach out to you. Nevertheless, a negative SEO ranking will befall your website if the host company goes down repeatedly.

We are not here to give you details on why you need a good web host company at your service; we will embark on our mission. There are two web host companies that we will be analyzing today. They are SiteGround and HostGator

SiteGround Versus HostGator

As popular web hosting companies, most people are confused about which of the web hosts to go for when it comes down to picking the best. Some of the things to consider between the two web hosting companies include:


  1. WordPress

  • SiteGround

They support WordPress, Magento, and Joomla, with hosting plans made for these websites.

Being a little younger then Hostgator, they have over two hundred and fifty thousand clients across the globe. Furthermore, SiteGround makes use of a different method when it comes down to its open-source software support.

  • HostGator

This web host company has more than four hundred thousand customers and over nine million domains across the globe. HostGator supports WordPress, and bloggers will love this. With HostGator, you can easily maintain and build your website even it is from scratch.

  1. Hosting Speed

  • SiteGround

SiteGround makes use of SuperCache in a bid to keep things moving at a fast pace. On SiteGround, the average speed of a web page is 1.5 seconds.

Interestingly,  SiteGround has made notable improvements in the last few years by having its caching system, which it offers for more premium plans. All of this contributes to what makes the web host company stand out.

  • HostGator

Hostgator uses a hardware-based approach by adding more equipment and a service layer. Also, they have invested in various VPS servers, and this assists HostGator in gaining a decisive advantage.

This advantage can be seen when we look at its sheer speed. For those who are unaware, the average speed of the webpage is 1.25 seconds.

  1. Server Response Times

  • SiteGround

SiteGround has been known to allow surges in server loads. It does this by successfully maintaining the general loads a little lower.

And this enables them to cater for the increase in server loads that occur during holidays or any special occasion. If you never knew, the average response time of SiteGround is at 219ms.

This makes it amazing at tackling any form of high server loads.

  • HostGator

Hostgator makes use of so many servers. This allows the web host company to maintain and ensure that there is stability all round.

With this, they are capable of maintaining a perfect server response time. The average response time of HostGator is 190ms.

  1. Uptime Number

  • SiteGround

SiteGround guarantees users with an uptime of 99.99%. This uptime can be gotten in any of the plans you choose. SiteGround can achieve this uptime number as a result of its custom programming.

Note that this custom programming is capable of discovering prospective issues that may result in website failure. It practically fixes the problems before they occur.

Within six months, the users’ website can be down for a maximum of four hours irrespective of the service they purchase. Nevertheless, SiteGround has improved its hosting as it has handled its growth amazingly. Users have nothing to fear.

  • HostGator

Recent claims stated by HostGator states that their uptime is 99.99%. This means that the chances of your website getting down is 0.01%. This is amazing.

Furthermore, no matter the plan you choose while on HostGator, you are sure to get the same quality uptime. It does not matter if it is the lowest plan or the most expensive plan you are using; the uptime will remain the same.

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  1. Technical Support

When it comes down to the issue of technical support, SiteGround and HostGator tend to share certain similarities. This is because they both offer fantastic technical support to users.

One of such high technical support is their live chat support and 24/7 phone support. We could not find any issue to complain about in the technical support department of both web host companies.

More so, the majority of the web hosting services available try their very best to provide customers with ideal technical support. It is only because robust customer support is vital when dealing with both small, medium, and large businesses.

  1. Pricing

  • SiteGround

It is imperative to note that SiteGround has roughly three Shared web hosting plans. Note that these plans can be modified or, instead, upgraded if you want to embark on that.
SiteGround has a monthly limit of one hundred thousand visits. This is ideal for both marketers and bloggers. For your dedicated hosting, the price is $217.50 monthly, while cloud hosting goes for $54.00 monthly. Also, web hosting goes for $3.95 monthly.


Similar to SiteGround, HostGator has three shared yet upgradeable plans for its shared web hosting. It’s starting process goes for $3.96 monthly. With this price, users can get all the fantastic benefits that come attached with using HostGator.

Furthermore, their dedicate hosting goes for a price of $105 monthly, and the reseller hosting goes for $19.96 monthly. As for the VPS hosting, it goes for a price of $11.97 monthly.

  1. Data Center Quality

  • SiteGround

SiteGround has three data centers, which are situated in Chicago, Amsterdam, and Singapore. Note that the data centers make use of physical security to ensure the website of clients is always secure.

Furthermore, they are well equipped with high-end hardware. With their data centers located at different locations across the globe, SiteGround can offer customers swift processing. SiteGround also provides a free CDN.

  • HostGator


It is worthy to note that HostGator is into partnership with SoftLayer. SoftLayer is simply a collection provider with several data centers across the globe.

This company owns one of the best data centers, and it is equipped with fantastic UPS backups. It has different power feeds, constant server monitors, and power generators.

Final Thoughts

On a general note, choosing between SiteGround and HostGator is one of the toughest decision ones will have to make. Both SiteGround and HostGator are amazing, but it is up to the user to know what they want out of their web host.

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