why A2 is the best hosting company in India

why A2 is the best hosting company in India

It is worthy to note that A2 Hosting was established in the year 2001. Before we delve into why A2 Hosting is the Best Hosting in India, it is imperative to have an understanding of what A2 hosting entails. When it was newly established, A2 was barely utilized by the big companies that make use of it today. Beginning from the time it was invented, A2 Hosting concentrated on speed. At first, its name was Iniquity, and it hosted a few sites. However, it has grown to host hundreds, if not thousands of websites within two years. To become universal, Iniquity was named A2 Hosting. Right from time, A2 Hosting has been both user and developer-friendly. If you never knew, this hosting service was the first to make use of PHp5 on its servers. Its business overgrew, and most users had positive things to say. It was in the year 2011 that A2 Hosting began offering VPS to its clients. Even though SSD drives were popular and were over five times costlier than traditional drives, A2 hosting made use of SSD drives. By the year 2015, A2 Hosting was rated among reputable companies with technical support of 24x7x365. More so, the plans being offered by A2 Hosting include:

  • Managed WordPress
  • VPS; unmanaged and managed
  • Dedicated
  • Reseller, and;
  • Shared

Features Of A2 Hosting

Are you wondering why A2 Hosting is the Best Hosting in India? This article will be listing out some of the fantastic features A2 hosting has to offer. They include:

  • It offers SSDs that are about three hundred percent faster

For the uninitiated, SSD means Solid State Drive. While some hosts may claim to provide this SSD, you will find out that they only host your MySQL and OS databases. They do not host your files. However, A2 Hosting makes use of SSD for every single thing. In other news, you will be getting the most substantial speed boost ever similar to other highly rated hosting sites. According to recent research, A2 Hosting has successfully outperformed so many companies. This is a result of the fact that standard hard drives are only capable of performing hundreds of input and output operations every second. But, SSDs are capable of delivering thousands per second.  For those who are unaware of the speed of A2 Hosting, the site provides what is known as an A2 optimized WordPress setup. This setup is positioned  inside the cPanel.

  • It offers a turbo alternative that is about twenty times faster

Judging from a group study carried out at Aberdeen, a simple one-second page load delay can result in:

  1. Seven percent reduction in your rate of conversion
  2. Sixteen percent drop in the satisfaction of visitors
  3. Eleven percent fewer page views, and;
  4. A prospective decline in your search engine ranking

Who would want to fall victim to such a conservative host? This is why A2 Hosting is the best as its turbo servers offer a drop-in Apache replacement. This Apache replacement is capable of loading pages roughly twenty times faster. Attached to this turbo hosting include:

  1. Few users for every server
  2. Hosting on swift server SSDs
  3. The utilization of a lesser CPU and memory than other Apache
  4. Tackles connections more efficiently and swiftly

The speed of A2 Hosting is much better than most of the companies you know.

  • It makes use of Priority plus resources

For those who are not aware, Priority plus is capable of doubling your CPU cores. And, it adds some GB of RAM to your account.  This is done to ensure that you can handle the speed of your site in case of spikes in traffic We are sure you have never heard of any hosting site providing Priority plus resources. Well, A2 hosting practically stands out with this feature.

  • Its swift servers perform highly

No one enjoys websites that are slow and so, nobody wants their visitors to leave because of the sluggishness of their website. Should your website be slow, prospective customers and visitors will search for better websites However, trust A2 Hosting to come to the rescue. The fast servers of A2 Hosting are fine-tuned strictly for performance.

  • Users are offered a free content delivery network The CDN of A2 hosting is a group of servers that are linked across the globe. This basically determines the swifter route that aids in delivering your site to prospective and old visitors. Some of the benefits of A2 Hosting’s CDN include:
  1. Enhanced site speed
  2. Improved security as malicious threats are blocked before they get to your website
  3. Simple setup

While other hosts charge for the access of CDN, A2 Hosting gives users free access. Interestingly, if a CDN server is not available, the traffic of your site is immediately routed via the nearest server next to the previous one.

  • A2 optimized is about six times faster

For the uninitiated, A2 optimized is known as a WordPress plugin that is solely exclusive to the customers of A2 hosting India. It offers an auto-configuration for your website. With its auto-configuration, you are bound to get the best performance for your WordPress. However, using its auto-optimization, such as caching and compression, you can quickly shift your focus to content creation as well as creating your site.

  • A2 hosting Datacenter

A2 Hosting is the owner of every one of its web servers. Each of these servers is ultimately reliable, professionally tuned by its engineers, and tracked every hour of every single day. With this, you can be more than confident that A2 hosting protectively hosts all of your relevant data, files, and websites. Some of its significant data center locations are; Asia, Europe, and the USA. Note that most of these companies do not have their personal data centers. Instead, they rent data centers. However, A2 has it’s own, which it developed from nothing but a scratch.

Final Thoughts

Are you still wondering why A2 Hosting is the Best Hosting in India, well, we have provided you with reasons for this claim. Understand that A2 Hosting is ideal when it comes down to its domains, SSD hosting, unlimited space, and even its customer support.


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